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Bounceback Campaign

A bounceback campaign allows a business to set up a keyword and build a database list of clients that have requested information. For example if ABC Company sets up a bounceback campaign and uses the keyword “ABC”, a client can text in the word ABC and immediately receive a text on their phone. Many times a company will give an offer to get clients to text in, such as a free drink. This allows the company to build a database list of opt-in phone numbers to send messages and deals to via text message.

Viral Campaign

A Viral campaign allows the customer of a business to forward a text with a unique code to track how many referrals a customer gets. An example is: A customer receives a message that says forward this to your friends and if 5 people text “unique code” to 25328 you will receive a discount or a gift. The customer forwards this on to friends and when they text the unique code they will receive their own that they can send to friends as well. This allows a unique viral component to your opt in campaigns.

Text to Call

Text To Call allows an end user to connect to a voice phone call using a text message. This feature is an exciting new addition to Text My Market and will be available for any customers that would like to use the service.

Vote Campaign

A vote campaign allows a business or organization to collect user feedback and collect data on specific items. For example a vote campaign could be used to vote for a favorite player in a game or a favorite band. The results can be displayed real time and instant feedback is available. This is an excellent opt-in tool for special events such as karaoke, sporting events, or races.

Trivia Campaign

A trivia Campaign allows a business or organization to send out a quiz or a trivia question and allow the customer to respond via text. This is a great opt-in tool and can be used with a text to win campaign as well.

Feedback Campaign

A feedback campaign allows a business or organization to collect information from a client or group of clients. This allows the client to respond to a text that they have received and it will be added to a custom field on the database. For example: a business could collect the email address, gender, age, birth date or other important statistic from their client without ever talking with them. This can be a great way to get user feedback on services provided as well.

Text To Win Campaign

A text to win campaign allows for a winner to be selected at a certain time and date or after a certain amount of numbers have been added to the database. The text to win campaign will automatically select a random winner and notify them via text message.

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